Breakbulk & Dry Bulk

Break Bulk is one of the best ways to move your oversized, overweight and over-dimensional cargo anywhere in the world. 

Break Bulk ocean shipping is a common method used successfully to transfer cargo / goods that cannot fit into standard size cargo bins and shipping containers. The cargo instead, is safely dismantled and transported in bags, boxes, crates, drums, barrels and other handling equipment. 

Depending upon the nature of consignment, it can also be rolled, lifted and securely thrusted into the ship or barrel. And with TLS, the process is assured safe, damage-free, quick, faultless and cost effective. 

At our strategically situated terminals, your projects are handled by industry experts through updated and effective break bulk practices that are specifically engineered for unique cargo. 

All projects at TLS are backed with professional handling, meticulous planning, faultless coordination and round-the-clock supervision for 100% safe, damage-free, punctual and cost-effective transportation.

TLS has also been applauded for exceptional Dry Bulk project management. Besides being 100% compliant with Sanitary Dry Bulk Transport we are recognized for maintaining unbeatable safety standards that ensures your cargo reaches its destination in perfect condition. 

From analyzing the complexity of your cargo to delivery obligations of the clients, we take everything into meticulous consideration for seamless break bulk and dry bulk movement projects.

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