At TLS we understand that your heavy lift / project cargo is unique and is thus, resistant to typical standardized transportation / logistic layout. With 18+ years of experience in the heavy-lift and transportation domain, we shoulder every individual project as a unique and isolated case for which, we specifically engineer out of the box solutions so that your Project Cargo reaches the Right Destination at the Right Time and in Perfect Condition.

Our Services

Project Cargo solutions at TLS is wide, all-encompassing and backed with highly sophisticated infrastructure, equipment and professional skills.

Our core services include:

Our Fleet And Equipment:

At TLS, we understand that technical superiority of equipment systems is the key to the advancement of indomitable project cargo solutions. We therefore endeavor to house the best equipment and fleet that are updated and maintained to support failsafe heavy lift / project cargo transport completion. 

A Glimpse into Our Fleet and Equipment :

We are always prepped for contingencies :

Safety of your high value cargo is of paramount importance to us. We therefore run mandatory checks and assessments and take every little detail into consideration including:

Transport Planning Complexity of the dimensions of project cargo requires meticulous planning of transport. The planning procedure involves:

Highway Engineering When we speak of project cargo, we are speaking of atypical cargo that can weigh anywhere from 100 tons to 500 tons or more with length / width of about 100 meters or more. The sheer stupendousness of these measurements prohibits the movement of heavy lifts / project cargo on regular highways which are generally not strong enough to support the weight.

Proper highway engineering is thus required to ensure that the roads in the transportation route can bear the weight of the cargo without causing any unnecessary damages. Our Highway Engineering solution encompasses:

Our highway engineering practices helps eliminate possible risk factors successfully, to expedite your project cargo transportation.

Traffic Engineering Heavy lift project cargo transportation is best on roads with least traffic saturation and lowest associated risk factors. Our team therefore, conducts thorough research on:

Comprehensive Project Management and Impeccable Project Completion:

At TLS we carry out immaculate teamwork through the A to Z of your project journey. Every critical stage of your heavy lift project cargo transportation is monitored closely by trained experts in the field to ensure 100% faultlessness.

Seamless alignment with our project partners leaves absolutely no gaps for errors or miscommunications. Topped with 100% transparent and competitive pricing, we have earned our reputation as one of the best heavy lift / project cargo transporters in the middle east. 

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